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The word “osteoporosis” is defined as bone (osteo) that is porous (porosis). As a result of low bone mass, persons with osteoporosis are at major risk for fractures of the spine, hip, and wrist. This under-diagnosed and under-treated musculoskeletal disease affects millions of people worldwide and impacts national health care costs, morbidity, and mortality issues for all individuals.

The ISFR, through collaborative political, scientific, and research efforts endeavors to raise awareness of osteoporosis, as well as improve the diagnosis and treatment of low trauma bone fractures that can be the initial indication of this disease.

These efforts include scientific research into the pathology of bone remodeling, genetics, and hormones; the role of diagnostic radiological scans; drug therapies; dietary and supplement intakes; and post-fracture intervention services designed to assess and aid in the prevention of secondary fractures.

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